2018 Summer Camp Sports Fiesta

Register your kids for our summer blast. Our intention is to help our children build an athletic future by working with sports professionals that will tutor, nurture and inspire them to be the best. Our ultimate focus is to help them secure college scholarships as brilliant athletes.

Registration is Open!

Soccer, Basketball and many more.

Parents, our summer camp registration have started for our kids to train and empower them during a 5 day sports fiesta.

We have professional national athletes, volunteers and coaches who will provide us a 5 day fun filled experience for our kids.

July 16th – July 23rd

Our children’s safety is our priority, give your child a fun filled experience he will never forget.


We understand that every child is unique,  therefore we want to provide a healthy environment for their wellbeing.

  • Parents are responsible for purchasing extra ball for each kid* We already have balls that will be enough for them but you can buy a personal training soccer or basketball for your child.
  • Kids are to wear a black shirt and black pant for each training session.
  • Parents are responsible for kid’s special launch, we will have foods, drinks and a lot of refreshments for them.
  • Try to participate, your presence will encourage your child’s performance and will provide a memory he/she will never forget.
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